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Name Ruth & Pete
About Me Pete & I have been residents of Volcan PA for six years. The first three of the five yrs we managed an international restaurant called Daily's Diner [best food in town] and did very well for two years until other big conglomerates moved in. For two of the last five we had purchased and ran our Bed & Breakfast. Of the two occupations this is the most satisfying as we love meeting new clients as well as returning clients. We make your stay worth while. We also provide tourist information as well as homes for rent or for sale. We have a map of Volcan area with the list of other restaurants to visit while staying with us. We have added for your benefit a Breakfast Club and have a menu of 12 items to choose from. Normally I have about 4 items to choose from. All our prepared food is 100% home-made and organic. We hope to attract some locals as well as settled incumbents to the area or visitors staying elsewhere. If you are looking at creating extra income in these volatile times. I would suggest you check out our website in the Contact Info. Very impressively set up with no obligations. We also provide a guide to help you find your way in the community.
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